Orthotic Laboratory


Paul Langer

footbōn is a full service prescription foot orthotic laboratory serving professional foot care providers.

footbōn is dedicated to providing the finest quality custom-made foot orthotics in an efficient, cost effective manner.

footbōn produces a line of custom-made orthotics at price points to satisfy the needs of all patient populations.

footbōn accepts plaster or foam casts and electronic casts from the Plantar Digitizer, the latest generation of true three dimensional foot
measurement systems.

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Paul Langer, the founder of Footbōn, brings thirty-five years of experience and leadership in the foot orthotic industry to the Company.  As the former co-owner of Benefoot, Inc. and prior to that as President of The Langer Biomechanics Group, Inc., he set high standards of quality and service for the industry.  Paul Langer was a founding member of the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association and a proponent of laboratory accreditation.  Paul honors the memory of his father, Dr. Sheldon Langer, with his continued dedication to serving the needs of the podiatry profession.


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